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Each patient’s treatment is personalized based on their specific needs and lifestyle. At Mountain Vista EyeCare, we offer a variety of treatments, including breakthrough technology such as the LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation System | TearScience. Learn how LipiFlow’s breakthrough technology uses heat and pressure to improve symptoms of meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), the leading cause of dry eye.

More about Lipiflow

Lipiflow is the only FDA approved procedure that has been shown to help moderate to severe dry eye patients achieve long term relief from their symptoms. It is a 12 minute procedure that is done in our offices. A thermal pulsator is placed along the upper and lower lid of each eye. This instrument directs heat to the oil producing glands of the lids and gently massages the oil glands to allow the dried oil to be expressed. In the majority of cases, significant clinical relief is achieved that last from nine to in excess of thirty-six months. However in order to appropriately screen those patients with the greatest opportunity of achieving these results, a comprehensive dry eye evaluation is done in our office. The oil glands are evaluated. The tear osmolality is determined. The lids and cornea are examined for disease that may contribute to the underlying dry eye disease. An instrument called a tear layer interferometer, or LipiView, is used to determine the frequency and completeness of the patient’s blink as well as the depth of the tear oil level. If it is determined that you are a candidate the procedure is scheduled.

Costs/Financing Cost Associated with LipiFlow:


  • The doctor’s evaluation is typically paid by insurance. What you pay out of pocket is dependent on your insurance, your deductible and plan co-pay.
  • The LipiView test which measures the extent of your tear lipid layer, an important component of determining your candidacy, is not paid by insurance. This is an out of pocket expense of $50.

The Procedure: LipiFlow

  • The procedure is not paid for by insurance. It is an out of pocket expense of $475/eye. We can provide patients with interest free financing for up to two years through CareCredit. We also accept all major credit cards.
  • One post operative evaluation included with procedure (Usually 8 weeks after procedure).

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-From the doctors and staff at Mountain Vista Eyecare